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Bonnie Anderson M.S.A, Founder

If you’re busy and need some help in your business, then you’ve come to the right place. My team and I are ready to help you.

We take care of the administrative, technical, and social media management aspects of your business, so you can get back to the revenue generating aspects of your business.

We understand that it takes a LOT of time to run a successful business!

How many times have you had these thoughts?

“I’m overwhelmed with the number of things on my to-do list.”

“If I could eliminate the 5 hours per week I spend on calendaring, I’d take a day off.”

Wouldn’t that extra day off be great? Or, maybe you can attend that networking event you’ve been trying to make time for. Whatever it is we’re here, so you can get it all done! 

Social media itself can be a full time commitment. Between frequent updates and ever changing algorithms, keeping up with the best strategies is nearly impossible.  

If your day-to-day operations are keeping your social media accounts from getting the attention that they deserve, we have exactly what you need.

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Your business growth depends on your ability to promote your business, close deals, and keep customers happy. My team and I are here to help you make this happen.

Let us handle the administrative, technical, and social media management parts of your business.

Why? These are our areas of expertise, and we know that you could use the help.

In working with us, you save time and money. You pay for results, not wasted time. With us, there is no need to pay a full-time salary, PLUS benefits and office rent.

Take it from our customers.   

“Bonnie Anderson Consulting produced exactly what I needed for my business with a phenomenal response time. They exceeded my expectations, and anyone would be lucky to work with them…” – Courtney Atwood, Founder of Virtually Simple Bliss

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It’s time to take the next step in your business, regain control over your time, and increase your social media presence.

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I have a new business and was having some difficulty getting off the ground. Bonnie designed graphics and copy for me for social media. She based it on her review of my website and links as well as a conversation with me and hit the nail on the head! Bonnie also offered suggestions on some other things I could do to build trust. She was delightful to work with, very fast and absolutely WOWED me. Definitely, use BONNIE ANDERSON CONSULTING. You won’t go wrong.

Thank you Bonnie!

Sue Goz

I loved working with Bonnie! She was easy to talk to, understood me and my business and helped me create some social media graphics and content. I highly recommend her services!

Elise Velkeneers