5 ways outsourcing saves your business time and money
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5 ways outsourcing saves your business time and money

The way we work has changed a great deal over the past decade. We’re globally connected through the internet making it easier than ever before to outsource work. Whether it be outsourcing your calendar management to a virtual assistant or hiring a social media guru to keep up your Facebook and Instagram postings, outsourcing is a common occurrences for small and large businesses. The most common appeal for outsourcing is savings. 

Here are 5 ways that outsourcing can save your business time and money.

1 – Recruitment cost

If you use a Human Resource employee to search, interview, select, and hire employees, you’re spending major cash flow on labor costs. Save yourself the money and connect with a virtual assistant, online business manager, or social media guru, to save your resources for more important matters such as bonuses for your existing employees.

2 – No more sick leave pay

Virtual assistants, online business managers, and social media managers work for results, not fringe benefits. If they are sick, they still have to deliver results. They may be working in their slippers delivering those results, but the end game is all that matters. If they’re sick, that’s their problem, not yours. You don’t pay for sick leave! You pay for results.

3 – Office Equipment

Some virtual assistants work from their home offices or kitchen tables. Some opt to work from coworking spaces. Either way, they provide their own equipment and furniture. If they want a fancy new stand up desk, that’s on them not you. If they need a new ergonomically correct chair, that is their expense, not yours.

4 – Training

You don’t have to train them. Virtual assistants and social media managers offer services they are good at performing. Often, they find a specific industry they love working with and maintain a client list with tasks similar in nature. You save on training costs, and they get to do the work they love. 

5 – Write-Ups

If you don’t like your outsourcing hire’s work, you fire them. It’s really that simple. You don’t have to pull them in the office and give them the “talk” and a write-up. If they failed to deliver results, then you say bye-bye! You don’t have to worry about paying them a severance or unemployment. Just make sure you check the terms of your client services agreement. 

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