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What company has the best website hosting?

In today’s technologically driven world, it’s a fair statement to say that a well-crafted website can help your business maintain a competitive edge. But before you even get to design your website, the first part of the process is deciding where to host your website. Nowadays there is such a plethora of information out there about this topic, but it’s not easy trying to make sense of it all and compare one hosting platform against another. Since we started specializing in WordPress websites for our clients, we set out to do exactly this research for ourselves and the clients that we serve. 

In today’s blog post, I’m reviewing 3 popular website hosting platforms, so you can make a quick decision on what website host to go with. Let’s dive in!  

1. SiteGround

One of the most popular hosts is SiteGround! They are priced at $19.95 a month, which includes an unlimited number of websites. Each registered domain will run you $15.95 for the year. SiteGround claims to have 99.99% uptime meaning that your pretty much guaranteed to not encounter any down time with your website.They also offer a staging site so you can build out your website without affecting your live site. I have personally used SiteGround in my business. I am not in love with it, but I wouldn’t consider it to be a bad choice to go with them to host your website! 

2. GoDaddy

One of the other website hosts I’ve used is GoDaddy. It’s been about 3 years since I’ve hosted a website on GoDaddy, but in total I have hosted about 5 sites with them. They have excellent customer service and their monthly rate is $29.99 a month. The first domain is free and you can have up to 50 websites. Even though GoDaddy has great customer service, I didn’t find their platform to be very user-friendly. 

3. BlueHost

Another popular hosting platform is BlueHost. My team and I build WordPress websites, and we have found BlueHost to be the most reliable and and an overall  superior fit for our needs. Not only is BlueHost WordPress-friendly, but they also offer a staging site and 24/7 support. The service is reasonably priced at $12.99 per month, which includes unlimited websites and your first domain free of charge! Additional domain names start at $15.99 per year of registration. 

For anyone looking to rebrand or build a website from scratch, check out the link below if you’re ready to give BlueHost a try. Pro tip: They frequently offer promotional discounts that you can take advantage of to save some serious cash during your first year. 

I hope this post helps you make an informed decision about your choices for website hosting. Leave me a comment below and tell me what things you look for when choosing a website host. For me, I consider price, support, uptime, and whether or not the platform is WordPress friendly! 

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Why You Should Identify Your Ideal Client ASAP.

If you’re an entrepreneur just starting out, my hat goes off to you! Not because entrepreneurship is a hardship, but because one of the biggest hurdles you will inevitably face is deciding who you serve and exactly what services you offer. 

You may think you can do everything and serve everyone. The truth is that that’s just not going to work for more businesses. The good news is that I am going to save you some heartache by sharing with you why that is a big mistake. So, let’s walk through why identifying who it is that you’re talking to is so important!

My first year in entrepreneurship, I was all over the place. I was offering virtual assistant services to anyone and everyone! After feeling burned out and exhausted, I honed in on who it is that I serve and since then this entrepreneurship thing has gotten a hella of a lot easier. 

1. Get over your fear!

The first thing I did was decide who my ideal client was. When you first start out this is really hard. You fear that you’re going to lose business if you are targeting one specific group. You fear that if you simplify your services you’re going to lose money. Instead, start by flipping the script. Think about how your talents and abilities can best serve others. If you’re a human resources consultant, are you going to offer recruitment services for small businesses or are you going to provide leadership seminars for corporations? There is a BIG difference not only in the offer, but the demographic as well. 

2. Avoid burnout. 

If you don’t figure out who your ideal client is, you’re going to be left spinning your wheels without ever reaching any level of success worth talking about. Offering multiple services to multiple different types of clients is like going to your multiple family and friends’ homes on Thanksgiving. Even though you’re thankful to have so many family members and friends, you never really get to enjoy their company because you’re in a hurry to get to the next place. By the time you get home you’re exhausted and stuffed because you had to take in a little bit of everything, and the next day you’re still tired. Even if you only do ONE THING in your business, it’s much better for you in the long run to do one thing WELL than it is to do many things haphazardly. In business, serving multiple types of clients, all needing different services, results in burnout. And no one wants to be a burnout. 

3. Perfect your craft. 

When you hone in on one particular skill with one particular type of client, you can spend more time perfecting your craft. You also will be repeating the same steps as a part of the services you offer, making you better and better each time. And the better you get, the more money you can charge! The end result is less stress, better services, and more money. Who doesn’t want that?! 

If you learned something new today, leave us a comment below! We want to know: have you taken the time to map out your ideal client? 

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3 Things Every Effective Website Always Includes

We’re kind of geeking out over the Building a StoryBrand by Donald Miller. This book has changed the way that we’ve structured not only our own website, but the websites of our customers. So I thought I’d share some of the takeaways from the book and provide you with the top 3 things you should include on your website. 

Creating a website has become much simpler these days with WordPress and builders like Divi and Elemenator. However, many entrepreneurs just starting out have not idea what to include on their website. They either end up putting too much information on their website or leaving off key features that help covert customers. 

1. Be clear about what you offer. 

The first is being clear on what you offer! An offer is a fundamental part of converting researchers into paying customers. The fact of the matter is that most people do not want to search your website trying to figure out what you do. As soon as a potential client reaches your website, it should be very clear what you do. A customer does not care if you’ve been in business since 1950–they want to know how you will solve their problem. Make your offer stand out by placing it at the top of your website so that it is visible to your potential customer as soon as they land on your home page. Keep it simple and short. 

2. Give your customers a clean call to action. 

The second item is a Call to Action. The Call to Action should be a button that is formatted in a different color than the other buttons on your website. It should also be clear. As a customer scans your website, it is highly unlikely they are going to read all of the copy of your website. So if your Call to Action is buried in your copy, your customer is not going to take action. And making your button stand out by using a different color is just the beginning. You should also make sure the verbiage on the button is descriptive. For example, “Download” just isn’t going to cut it. Your customer is going to be left wondering “download what?” A better option is “Download Your Free PDF” or “Schedule a Consultation.” This is much clearer and easier to understand by your potential customers. 

3. Keep it concise.

When writing your website copy, use very few words. Like I’ve discussed before here and in other blog posts, people don’t read words anymore. Instead, they scan them at a glance. So there is no need to try and make yourself sound smarter than you need to, just keep it simple and clear. Even if it takes you three paragraphs to explain what you do to your customers, try cutting that by 25%. Focus in on the results that you’ll deliver. Remember, your customer does not care about how long you’ve been in business or how what you did prior to starting your own business. All they care about is the bottom line! 

If you found this blog post helpful, leave us a comment below! Tell us how you plan to use the tips mentioned in this post. For even more content like this, check out my YouTube channel where I create videos to help you achieve a life you love and a business that thrives! 

Pick up a copy of Building a StoryBrand by Donald Miller here:

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How to Promote Your Business Locally in 2019

The landscape that we marketers work in is changing all the time, and fortunately there are more ways to reach your customers now than ever before. For a business owner who is just starting out, or if you have an established business that you’re looking to grow, you may be considering ways to increase sales and further establish yourself as an industry expert. Continue reading for three methods to help you grow your business online for free. 

1. Live Facebook and Instagram videos

Live Facebook and Instagram videos not only help you beat the facebook algorithm without having to buy ads, but it gives you a chance to showcase behind the scenes action. Your potential and current customers and clients get to see you in action and learn more about your business. You can a live video with your phone or your computer. You do not need to buy special equipment of any kind. The best live videos are educational and show your customers how to do something. If you own a professional business, you can give out free advice. If you own a clothing store you can show your customer how to pick out the right outfit. Make it educational and appealing to your ideal client.

2. Start a blog. 

Creating a blog on your website helps you build authority with your customers. It also allows you to use SEO strategies on your website to help your website rank better in search engines. Approach each of your blogs with educational content much like you would in a live video. You want to give your potential customers and clients something of value. It should be educational and entertaining. 

3. Start a YouTube channel. 

YouTube is slightly different than your live videos in the fact that the content is searchable and stays around for several years. Again, making the content educational is key. YouTube is the second most used search engine next to google. It’s free and relatively easy to use. Please know that you do not need to buy anything to start a youtube channel. You have the ability to film, edit, and upload right from your phone. All you need is something to share with your audience and natural light!

If you found this blog post helpful, leave us a comment below! Tell us if you utilize any of the methods mentioned in this post. For even more content like this, check out my YouTube channel where I create videos to help you achieve a life you love and a business that thrives!

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Time Management Strategies to End Procrastination

If procrastination is your friend, then you know sometimes the struggle with productivity is real. One common misconception about procrastination is that stems from laziness. The reality is not that simple; in fact, the true nature of procrastination for most people lies in feeling overwhelmed.

Luckily, there are ways to help you manage these feelings so that they do not control your life. The following tips will not only help you stop procrastinating, but will also eliminate feelings of being overwhelmed, making you feel more in control of both your professional and personal life. Prepare to cross those items off of your to-do list for good!

1. Clarify your goals.

It is so easy to become overwhelmed and start procrastinating when we aren’t clear on our goals. Whether it be personal, professional, or business goals, being unclear about the desired outcome often leads us to haphazard decision making without any long-term vision. When we set clear goals, we are able to hone in on a clear plan of action to achieve them. This minimizes procrastination by clarifying priorities, enabling you to get things done.

2. Break down big projects into bite size pieces.

When starting a big project, breaking it down into smaller increments helps us get started without allowing the bigger picture to overwhelm us. For example, if you build websites and you just dive into a project without a plan, you’re going to have a hot mess on your hands. You can solve this problem by first designing the layout of the website, then having photos taken, creating graphics, writing the copy, and so on. The key is to work on each of these tasks separately, allowing you to focus on one thing at a time.

3. Automate and Create Systems                                                                       

Systems and automation should be a way of life for all of us. You can get twice as much done in half the time. Yes, really! For me this means, automating my grocery delivery so it shows up at the same time each week and having automatic bill pay. These are things I don’t have to think about or spend time on–they just get taken care of. If you’re working with clients, you can use a system such as dubsado to automate the onboarding process. This frees up more of your time and decreases the chances that you’ll procrastinate getting the job done.

4. Try out a productivity method.

These are different than system automations or project plans. You need a system that you can follow that will allow you to be more productive while you’re sitting at your computer working. These methods range from calendar blocking, the pomodoro technique, and a new one I’ve been working with is the 5-3-1 method. This is where you choose 1 big, 3 medium, and 5 small tasks or goals for your day. In my case, the big one may be to edit a youtube video; the medium ones may be to wash my car, create a new client form, and write a youtube script; and the 5 small ones might be to make 3 phone calls and return 2 emails.

This method has been working well for me. I will sometimes combine it with the pomodor technique which is where you set a timer for 25 minutes and then take a 5 minute breaks. You repeat this cycle a few times and then give yourself a 10-15 minute break. Using a productivity method really holds you accountable for the time spent on each task, so you will be motivated  to accomplish more.

5. Have an established routine. 

“Successful people are simply those with successful habits.” –Brian Tracy

Morning routines are huge in the online space right now because they help you start your day off on the right foot. However, I do not think that a morning routine is the only answer. The key to this method is to develop certain behaviors and habits that signal that it’s time to buckle down and get to work. So for some people that means establishing a routine for right when you to the office. Or, maybe it’s a routine after work that prepares you to work on your side hustle. Regardless of when you need it, what’s important is to have an established routine that signals it’s time to get into productivity mode.

6. Take a day off and practice self care. 

There are many entrepreneurs that preach work hard, 7 days a week. Then there are others that tell you that you can work 4 hours a week. The truth is often somewhere in the middle. I can tell you from personal experience that not taking a day off will come back to bite you. You don’t necessarily need a day off each week, but I do recommend at least one day every couple of weeks where you can unplug an do something nice for yourself.  This is especially important if you own your own business, work a stressful job, or even if you’re in college. Finding the right work-life balance is essential for preventing burnout.

We would love to hear from you! Comment below and tell me when you have been overwhelmed with a big project. For even more content like this, check out my YouTube channel where I create videos to help you achieve a life you love and a business that thrives!