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How to Promote Your Business Locally in 2019

The landscape that we marketers work in is changing all the time, and fortunately there are more ways to reach your customers now than ever before. For a business owner who is just starting out, or if you have an established business that you’re looking to grow, you may be considering ways to increase sales and further establish yourself as an industry expert. Continue reading for three methods to help you grow your business online for free. 

1. Live Facebook and Instagram videos

Live Facebook and Instagram videos not only help you beat the facebook algorithm without having to buy ads, but it gives you a chance to showcase behind the scenes action. Your potential and current customers and clients get to see you in action and learn more about your business. You can a live video with your phone or your computer. You do not need to buy special equipment of any kind. The best live videos are educational and show your customers how to do something. If you own a professional business, you can give out free advice. If you own a clothing store you can show your customer how to pick out the right outfit. Make it educational and appealing to your ideal client.

2. Start a blog. 

Creating a blog on your website helps you build authority with your customers. It also allows you to use SEO strategies on your website to help your website rank better in search engines. Approach each of your blogs with educational content much like you would in a live video. You want to give your potential customers and clients something of value. It should be educational and entertaining. 

3. Start a YouTube channel. 

YouTube is slightly different than your live videos in the fact that the content is searchable and stays around for several years. Again, making the content educational is key. YouTube is the second most used search engine next to google. It’s free and relatively easy to use. Please know that you do not need to buy anything to start a youtube channel. You have the ability to film, edit, and upload right from your phone. All you need is something to share with your audience and natural light!

If you found this blog post helpful, leave us a comment below! Tell us if you utilize any of the methods mentioned in this post. For even more content like this, check out my YouTube channel where I create videos to help you achieve a life you love and a business that thrives!

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4 Tips to Help You Market Your Business Locally

When I started my business last year, I was only focused on using social media to get my name out there. Of course, this is a great way to market your business, but it wasn’t until I focused on local marketing that my business started to grow. Here are 4 ways to market your business locally!

1. Reach out to your local Rotary clubs and offer to speak on your subject matter.

In February, I started reaching out to local rotary clubs. In doing so, I booked a speech to talk to almost 100 local business owners about using remote workers and virtual assistants in their business. Of course, this involved preparing a speech, presentation, and practicing, but the opportunity to get my name out there was huge. My advice when reaching out to your local rotary clubs it is to relate your speech to their needs. In my case, a lot of the rotary members own small businesses, and one of the biggest topics in business circles right now is how millennial’s conceptualize work life balance. So my speech covered this and how many millennial’s are seeking to work remotely to achieve a work life balance. I also talked about productivity and the impacts of allowing employees to work from home on small businesses. I am not outright selling my services, but I’m providing them with something valuable that they can use with their own businesses.

2. Join your local chamber. 

If you provide business to business services, your local chamber is a great way to network and promote your business. When I joined my local chamber, they did a couple of things to introduce my business to the community. First there was a ribbon cutting, which serves as a “grand opening” of sorts for new and established businesses. They also do a live Facebook video with you where they interview you and let you talk about your business, which is exciting. The other advantages of joining your local chamber is the many in-person networking opportunities. I admit that in the past I haven’t always taken advantage of networking events, but when I do go I find it to be less awkward than I imagined. This is a case where the best advice is to get dressed and just show up. Make it a point to talk to at least 3 people at each event. I do this by asking them questions about their business, and I only tell them about my business if they ask.

3. Take advantage of word of mouth.

One of the most overlooked methods of promoting yourself locally is telling your family, friends, and personal contacts about your business and your services. When I re-launched earlier this year, I sent an email to my family and friends letting them know what I was doing. I included my portfolio, website, and social media links. I told them what services I offer and what kind of businesses may be a good fit. This was helpful because I’ve received some viable leads from my family and friends. Plus, I know they will continue to help me out by giving my name to anyone they run into in the future that could benefit from my services.  Most of the time your family and friends want to see you succeed.

4. Facebook 

It’s a no-brainer that you should be using social media to promote your business, but Facebook in particular is a great way to promote yourself locally. The reason it is effective at the local level is that people are using Facebook to look businesses up much like they would on google. Think about it: how many times have you looked up a restaurant’s Facebook page and read their reviews? The key is to make sure your page is fully optimized. Ask your customers to leave Facebook reviews. Another way to use Facebook effectively is the live video feature. Schedule live videos about once a week to make sure your content is being seen by your audience.

These tips are a great place to start for anyone looking to grow their following and promote your business locally in 2019. For even more curated informational content, check out our YouTube channel where I create videos to help you achieve a life you love and a business that thrives!

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Facebook pixel and why you need it?

What in the world is a Facebook pixel and why should you be using it?

You’re scrolling through Facebook on a Saturday afternoon, and you see an ad for an online retailer. You had just been on that website yesterday, checking out a new pair of work shoes you needed. You weren’t ready to make the purchase just yet, so those shoes are sitting in the shopping cart.

That ad you’re seeing, all due to the Facebook pixel. The Facebook pixel is a code that the online retailer pulled from their Facebook business page and added to their website. It allows them to gain insights on who is visiting their website, so they can optimize their Facebook ads and reach those who are more likely to buy from them.

Guess what. 

You can use this same marketing method for your business.

Often times it takes a customer seeing or hearing about your business several times, before they will commit to making a purchase. Using the Facebook pixel to re-target people who’ve visited your website, allows you to remind that person that they left something in their shopping cart or that you’re still available for that consultation.

What it does.

This process helps you convert more paying customers and improves the ROI of your ad spend. Additionally, Facebook has amazing insights into your audience allowing you to target lookalike audiences based on demographics, likes, and even dislikes. It’s a powerful source of information that ensures your Facebook ads are getting seen by the people who are more likely to buy from you.

But, what if you’re not using Facebook ads. Well, you can install the pixel now so that in the future you have the data to create your first Facebook ad. If you’d like more information on setting the Facebook pixel or ad, you can contact us at or setup a FREE video call here!

5 Tips on how to use Facebook live to promote your business
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How to use Facebook live to promote your business.

If you’re a small business owner, you probably have a Facebook page for your business, because you know social media is a powerful marketing tool. It’s a great way to connect with your existing customers and reach new potential customers.  

But, maybe you’re frustrated because you’ve been making regular postings, but you haven’t been able to grow your audience. You may be surprised to know that the Facebook algorithm may be working against you. Facebook is only showing your post to a small percentage of your audience. You could pay for ads to reach more people, but there is a free option that is effective in growing and connecting with your audience. It’s Facebook live video. Facebook favors live video on it’s platform. Each of your fans will receive a notification that you’ve gone live. This helps you draw them to directly to your page. But, it gets better. Video marketing converts customers at a higher rate than any other form of marketing.

You’re still not convinced, because the thought of going live scares you. I understand, but I want to make the process a little bit easier for you by providing your with a scripting formula. Think of your live video as an opportunity to educate your audience about your business. Frequently asked questions make a great topics for live videos.

Below is a simple scripting formula to help you format your live video and take away some of the scariness.

Step 1 – Introduce yourself

Let your audience know your name, title, and business name. For example, I would say “Hi, my name is Bonnie Anderson. I’m a social media strategist and the owner of Bonnie Anderson Consulting.”

Step 2 – Tell them what they’re going to learn

Begin by telling your viewers what your live video will be about in one sentence. For example, “In this video, I’m going to give you the five steps you need to start using live video on Facebook.”

Step 3 – Tell them why

You want to entice your viewers to stay on until the end of the video. This can be done giving them a reason why. For example, “Make sure you stay until the end, because this information will help you (insert benefit to customer).”  Or, “Make sure you stay until the end, so you know where to purchase our newest product.”

Step 4 – Tell them how by providing sequential steps

Provide your viewers with sequential steps or tips and back it up with two sentences giving details. For example, “The first step to completing a live video is writing a script. Once you’ve written the script, practice a few times in the mirror. This will give you the confidence you need to get on camera.”

List out the sequential steps and support statements until you have at least 5 steps.

Step 5 – Create a call to action

Once you’ve completed the sequential steps, give your viewers a reason to contact you or come to your location. You can relate this to step 3 where you provided them with a reason to stay until the end of the video. You can provide them with a promo code or an invitation to purchase a specific product.

If you’ve found this helpful, let me know by leaving a comment below. If you’re looking for more guidance on using Facebook to promote your small business, contact me at I’m happy to help.  If you prefer some face time, schedule a FREE video call with me.

What to outsource to a virtual assistant
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What to outsource to a virtual assistant.

Is everything in your day-to-day stacking up.  Are you spending more time on admin tasks within your business than actually growing your business.  We all need a little help, and a virtual assistant can do just that. While a virtual assistant takes care of the routine tasks in your business, you’re able to grow your business.

You may be wondering what tasks do you hand-off?  Maybe you’re still contemplating and not sure what a virtual assistant can do for you.  

What can they handle?

Virtual assistants can handle anything from general administration to the more technical work, and let’s not forget about social media.  

Basic tasks, like calendaring and travel arrangements can be handled by a virtual assistant.  With someone managing your calendar nothing slips through the cracks. Meetings, travel arrangements, and the other things that only you can do are on your calendar ready to go.


Tired of paying ridiculous amounts of money booking travel arrangements, because it gets pushed on the back burner and made short notice.  A virtual assistant can handle all of that for you. Maybe you want, and need, some time off with the family. A virtual assistant can find you the best deals and packages to surprise them with the best vacation ever.


Need someone to answer the phone while in that important meeting or conference.  Want to ensure that your customers can reach you, even while spending some quality time with your family, or even that mysterious thing called sleep.  Virtual support can have you covered. Customer Relationship Management and support. Many virtual assistants are skilled in handling customer service support and relationship management systems. There are many virtual assistants that go as far as specializing in customer support for Shopify and Amazon FBA entrepreneurs. What does this all mean?  Virtual assistants are good at handling customer service and keeping your customers happy.

Email management

Who is able to keep that unread number less than 50?  Never miss anything important because it was sandwiched in between junk email.  A virtual assistant will go through, get rid of anything that is not needed and ensure you address important emails.


You have a picture in your head of your perfect customer, but you’re not sure where to find them. A virtual assistant can research your demographic and find out where they’re hanging out online. Maybe you need to know what your competitors are doing, let them find out for you.


Whether it’s website management, building sales funnels, or creating email content a virtual assistant can handle it for you. Maybe you know what needs to be done, but you aren’t quite sure the best way to do it.  We love technical. Virtual assistants with tech knowledge can handle those technical tasks you don’t want to do or don’t know how to do.

Social Media

It’s a big part of the growth your business.  Customers want to see your business up close. If people can relate to your brand, they’re going to want to buy from you.  Customers are going to check you out on social media. If you aren’t active and engaging, they go somewhere else. Here is the thing, it takes time and work.  It’s not just a post every once in a while. They want to see what you do, how you do it, and how you interact with your customers and community. They also will check out how long it takes you to respond to customers.  The struggle is real you guys. Between social media postings, content creation, and engagement, you may want to run and hide. You keep reading about content strategies and maybe you’ve tried to keep up with Gary Vee’s $1.80 Instagram strategy, but who really has time for that? A virtual assistant. Virtual assistants can help you with all areas of social media.

Facebook Ads

I’ve put this one in a category all by itself, why?  Because Facebook ads should be handled with care. Virtual assistants proficient in FB ads can help you create and manage your Facebook ads. If you’re still boosting a post, or creating FB ads without a target audience, I encourage you to hire a FB va. Facebook ads are still one of the most powerful forms of advertising, but if you don’t know what you’re doing you could be wasting a lot of your advertising budget.

There are so many other tasks that a virtual support specialist is able to handle for you.  Essentially, anything that is taking time away from nurturing and growing your business, that doesn’t make you money, should be sent off for someone else to do.  Another great thing too, you don’t have to ensure they have office space, or equipment to use. No need for fringe benefits, like health insurance and paid time off.  All you pay for is productive hours. Comment below and let us know what you could do with all that extra time by getting a virtual assistant.

Don’t forget to check out our services and package options to see what we can take off your hands!