How Much Does a Virtual Assistant Cost?

If you have come to the conclusion that hiring a virtual assistant could be a lifesaver for your to-do list, you’re not alone. Many business owners are starting to outsource tasks that aren’t a direct source of income for their business, such as social media management and IT support.

As a first step, you might have googled how much a virtual assistant costs, but the answer varies depending on where you look. Unfortunately, most of the information you find online about the cost of hiring a virtual assistant is confusing and conflicting. In this post, I am going to help you clarify how much a virtual assistant costs by breaking down the different price points for virtual assistant services and what can you expect for each price point.

$2-$10 per hour

You’ve probably seen advertisements online for virtual assistants and social  media managers for around $10 an hour, and even as low as $2 an hour. Services at this price point are usually conducted by virtual assistants in 3rd world countries. Often times the work is cookie-cutter or recycled, and potentially riddled with grammatical errors. There is also the potential of putting your business’s confidential information at risk–including your customers’ information–which can open you up to liabilities. For some businesses this price point works, but be prepared to receive subpar work.

$11-$20 per hour

The next price point you’ll find is $11-$20 per hour. These are typically new virtual assistants who have some office admin work experience and have branched off on their own offering general virtual assistant services as freelancers. These virtual assistants can be a great asset to your business for general admin tasks like calendaring, travel arrangements, email management, and research. You should be prepared to sort through resumes to find your virtual assistant and have written documentation for the tasks you need done. You will also need to provide your virtual assistant with some training on the operations of your business.

$25-$30 per hour

The next price range is between $25-30 an hour. This price range is often associated with virtual assistant agencies. For this price range the agency will pair you with a trained virtual assistant that specializes in the needs of your business. The tasks completed are general admin tasks, social media management, and some low-level technical skills.

$30-$50 per hour

The next range is $30-50 per hour. Virtual Assistants in this price points typically have more technical skill sets such as social media management, building websites, sales funnels, lead generation, managing facebook ads, and other skills that require training or several years of experience. They are great assets to your business, especially if they are able to fill in with expertise that you may lack. More importantly, they can help take major projects off your hands with little guidance. You should be prepared to talk to them about your ideal customer and target audience.

$50 and up

At this price point you’re getting an online business manager or a project manager. Individuals providing this level of service basically take over the day-to-day operations of your business such as managing a team, overseeing launches, and just about every other aspect of your business. They are process and system driven individuals who love who know how to motivate others, and can ensure that all the details of your business are in working order. This is a great option for an entrepreneur who may be ready to take some time away from their business to pursue other endeavors such as launching a second business or working on other innovative solutions to serve their customers.

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to hiring virtual assistants, but hopefully this can serve as a guideline to anyone ready to take that step for their business. For even more curated informational content like this, check out our YouTube channel where I create videos to help you achieve a life you love and a business that thrives!




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The Journey Begins

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I’m Bonnie Anderson, a life-long learner and problem solver.

I want to become your go-to person for all things administrative, technical, and social media.


My team and I (yes, there are a multiple faces behind the systems here) handle the administrative, technical, and social media management aspects for your business. One of the most valuable parts, along with the expertise that we provide, is that working with us is less expensive than hiring a full-time employee. You do not have to pay for non-productive hours, benefits, or overhead.

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Time and time again, I hear the phrase “you know how to get it done!” I completely agree. I’m in the industry of serving clients like you, because I know how to provide solutions without wasting time or money.


Before launching my business, I spent over 20 years working for both small businesses and large organizations. I’ve held the positions of Human Resource Officer and Office Administrator, in addition to serving as Executive Assistant to a university President. My day-to-day duties included calendaring, travel, bookkeeping, social media, event planning, and so much more. I’m well-versed in working with all different types of people including top-level executives, general contractors, and front-line staff.

I’m constantly learning and picking up new skills. After finishing my master’s degree, I decided to sign up for various online courses. In the past year I have completed the following courses: Social Media Management, Facebook Ads, SEO, Graphic Design, Marie Forleo Copy Cure Course, and Sunny’s YouTube for Bosses.


Our team is small but mighty.

Virginia is our technology guru. She handles our website, your websites, lead pages, and other tech-related aspects. She even helps when I’ve jammed my printer or need new software installed!

We utilize other virtual assistants as our go-to for all things administrative. They help us in a bunch of ways, including filing emails, calendaring, and other day-to-day operations. They help us, so we can better serve you!


One of the reasons I started this business was to be able to donate to causes that I’m passionate about. When you work with me, 5% of profits go toward rewards for missing children and to families of missing children.

I have a family member who went missing in 2001, and I’m committed to helping other families that are in the same situation.

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