Why You Should Identify Your Ideal Client ASAP.

If you’re an entrepreneur just starting out, my hat goes off to you! Not because entrepreneurship is a hardship, but because one of the biggest hurdles you will inevitably face is deciding who you serve and exactly what services you offer. 

You may think you can do everything and serve everyone. The truth is that that’s just not going to work for more businesses. The good news is that I am going to save you some heartache by sharing with you why that is a big mistake. So, let’s walk through why identifying who it is that you’re talking to is so important!

My first year in entrepreneurship, I was all over the place. I was offering virtual assistant services to anyone and everyone! After feeling burned out and exhausted, I honed in on who it is that I serve and since then this entrepreneurship thing has gotten a hella of a lot easier. 

1. Get over your fear!

The first thing I did was decide who my ideal client was. When you first start out this is really hard. You fear that you’re going to lose business if you are targeting one specific group. You fear that if you simplify your services you’re going to lose money. Instead, start by flipping the script. Think about how your talents and abilities can best serve others. If you’re a human resources consultant, are you going to offer recruitment services for small businesses or are you going to provide leadership seminars for corporations? There is a BIG difference not only in the offer, but the demographic as well. 

2. Avoid burnout. 

If you don’t figure out who your ideal client is, you’re going to be left spinning your wheels without ever reaching any level of success worth talking about. Offering multiple services to multiple different types of clients is like going to your multiple family and friends’ homes on Thanksgiving. Even though you’re thankful to have so many family members and friends, you never really get to enjoy their company because you’re in a hurry to get to the next place. By the time you get home you’re exhausted and stuffed because you had to take in a little bit of everything, and the next day you’re still tired. Even if you only do ONE THING in your business, it’s much better for you in the long run to do one thing WELL than it is to do many things haphazardly. In business, serving multiple types of clients, all needing different services, results in burnout. And no one wants to be a burnout. 

3. Perfect your craft. 

When you hone in on one particular skill with one particular type of client, you can spend more time perfecting your craft. You also will be repeating the same steps as a part of the services you offer, making you better and better each time. And the better you get, the more money you can charge! The end result is less stress, better services, and more money. Who doesn’t want that?! 

If you learned something new today, leave us a comment below! We want to know: have you taken the time to map out your ideal client? 

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