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What company has the best website hosting?

In today’s technologically driven world, it’s a fair statement to say that a well-crafted website can help your business maintain a competitive edge. But before you even get to design your website, the first part of the process is deciding where to host your website. Nowadays there is such a plethora of information out there about this topic, but it’s not easy trying to make sense of it all and compare one hosting platform against another. Since we started specializing in WordPress websites for our clients, we set out to do exactly this research for ourselves and the clients that we serve. 

In today’s blog post, I’m reviewing 3 popular website hosting platforms, so you can make a quick decision on what website host to go with. Let’s dive in!  

1. SiteGround

One of the most popular hosts is SiteGround! They are priced at $19.95 a month, which includes an unlimited number of websites. Each registered domain will run you $15.95 for the year. SiteGround claims to have 99.99% uptime meaning that your pretty much guaranteed to not encounter any down time with your website.They also offer a staging site so you can build out your website without affecting your live site. I have personally used SiteGround in my business. I am not in love with it, but I wouldn’t consider it to be a bad choice to go with them to host your website! 

2. GoDaddy

One of the other website hosts I’ve used is GoDaddy. It’s been about 3 years since I’ve hosted a website on GoDaddy, but in total I have hosted about 5 sites with them. They have excellent customer service and their monthly rate is $29.99 a month. The first domain is free and you can have up to 50 websites. Even though GoDaddy has great customer service, I didn’t find their platform to be very user-friendly. 

3. BlueHost

Another popular hosting platform is BlueHost. My team and I build WordPress websites, and we have found BlueHost to be the most reliable and and an overall  superior fit for our needs. Not only is BlueHost WordPress-friendly, but they also offer a staging site and 24/7 support. The service is reasonably priced at $12.99 per month, which includes unlimited websites and your first domain free of charge! Additional domain names start at $15.99 per year of registration. 

For anyone looking to rebrand or build a website from scratch, check out the link below if you’re ready to give BlueHost a try. Pro tip: They frequently offer promotional discounts that you can take advantage of to save some serious cash during your first year. 

I hope this post helps you make an informed decision about your choices for website hosting. Leave me a comment below and tell me what things you look for when choosing a website host. For me, I consider price, support, uptime, and whether or not the platform is WordPress friendly! 

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How to Use the StoryBrand Script to Resonate with Your Customers

At the start of 2018, I started my business with a website and the drive to be my own boss. Since that time, I’ve gone from growing my own business to coaching and consulting other business owners as they navigate the ins and outs of marketing their brands.

One of the tools that I use regularly has the ability to transform the way you communicate with your customers, and it’s the book “Building a StoryBrand” by Donald Miller. By applying these principles to my own brand, as well as the client websites that we design, I make it easier for clients to understand what’s in it for them!  

1. The Character—Your customer is the hero, so let your brand become the trusted guide or resource. A lot of websites make the company the hero and not the customer. But if you want to resonate with your potential clients, set yourself up as a problem solver! Let’s say you are an at-home baker. You bake birthday cakes for children and deliver them to the location. On your website and social media your tagline is “Fabulous Birthday Cakes.” You’ve done a good job telling your audience you make birthday cakes, but you have not asserted how this benefits the customer. So we have to address the problem you solve for your customer.

2. The Problem—We all have them. But what can you do to solve problems for your customers? Directly tell potential clients what you can do to improve their lives. We are motivated to solve problems that affect us on a personal level, so by speaking to those problems your customers will have an interest in your services. In a nutshell, identify the pain-point and make it clear what problem you solve. For your birthday cake business, you solve a big problem. You save your customers time by delivering the cakes to the birthday location. Most of your customers are busy parents who don’t have time to pick up a cake from a bakery or they simply don’t want to. They’d rather spend that time enjoying their kid and the birthday party. Here is a tagline that tells your audience what you do and what problems you solve. “Don’t lose a second with your kid on their birthday!” or “Let us deliver the cake!” For a secondary tagline “We deliver birthday cakes to your child’s birthday party, so you don’t lose time on their special day.” 

3. The Plan—Next you need to give your customers a clear path to make their decision to work with you as easy as possible. Consider what are the next steps from the customer’s point of view. The most efficient way is to have an online booking and payment option on your website so that busy mom can pick out the cake, pay for it, and schedule the delivery location, date and time with you. Make her life easier!  

4. Call to Action—Give your customers a first step that will help them solve the problem they are facing. Use active language and make them an offer they can’t refuse! This might be a “Book Now” button on your website so that busy mom can easily book your services. 

5. Success—One of the biggest takeaways from the book is to “Never assume that people understand how your brand can change their lives. Tell them.” You have to tell them and make it easy.

I hope you found this helpful! If you would like more information about the StoryBrand Script or how you can connect on a deeper level with potential clients, head over to our YouTube Channel where I post a variety of content to help you optimize your business operations.

Pick up your own copy of Donald Miller’s book here: